Miscellaneous Information:

«Born in 1946 in St. Gallen, Switzerland, Peter Bärtsch is a Professor of Medicine and since 1991 Chairman of Sports Medicine at the Medizinische Klinik of the University of Heidelberg, Germany. Peter Bärtsch is a leading scientist in high altitude medicine and sports physiology whose studies provide an essential contribution to our understanding of the effects of high altitude on the human body. The research of Bärtsch, always of the utmost quality, has focused on high altitude pulmonary edema, acute mountain sickness, high altitude training and blood coagulation in exercise as well as hypoxia.

Thanks to his work we now have a better understanding of the mechanisms, presentation, prevention and treatment of acute mountain sickness and high altitude pulmonary and cerebral edema. Peter Bärtsch has published numerous scientific papers. He is past president of the International Society for Mountain Medicine. Bärtsch is furthermore an enthusiastic climber, having summited, among other peaks, Nanga Parbat (8126 m).»

Albert Mountain Award 2012